Last-Minute Party Requires Last-Minute Food

20 Oct

You did it again–only a few weeks before C-Day and you still have to finish that scarf for Aunt Mary, get your cards in the mail, or wrap those last-minute gifts. Why not invite your friends and their unfinished projects over for a late-afternoon Finish-It party?

Keep the food simple, handheld, and ungreasy so everyone can have a great time, get everything done, and not leave any stains on their work! Heavy beers, like stouts and porters, will warm up your guests with the same smooth drinkability as hot chocolate. They also pair really well with cheeses, especially creamy, salty cheeses and ones with slightly caramel overtones.

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  • Guinness. Smooth, mild, and creamy, the standard-bearer stout is very drinkable. Pour the glass halfway full first, let the head settle, then pour the rest in. For the real Irish flair, serve it just a bit cooler than room temperature.
  • Bridgeport Black Strap Stout. Made with a touch of molasses, this stout has a hint of tangy sweetness.
  • Deschutes Black Butte Porter. The rich flavor and chocolate overtones are nicely balanced by the lighter body of this porter.


  • Goat cheese. Try an aged goat cheese, like Garroxta.
  • Gruyere, for its slightly nutty taste and semi-soft texture.
  • Gouda. Aged Gouda has some caramel notes that nicely compliment the chocolate flavors in the beers.


  • Serve the cheese with some hearty bread and fruit to lighten up the meal. Thinly-sliced apples and pears and seedless grapes will be a nice touch.
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