Stitchin’ for the Kitchen

28 Oct

I recently wrote up a bunch of blog entries for writing samples for YumSugar, and I can’t believe I forgot to write up one of my new obsessions: hostess aprons. It all started when I saw that a cool citrus, red, and aquamarine striped apron was one of the subscription premiums for Everyday Food (yes, it is why I bit the bullet and subscribed, yes, I did have to ask them to send it to me, and yes, I am glad I have the subscription).

But then I saw the Kitsch’n’Glam aprons at a car wash gift store (yes, really) and had to buy one for my friend Kerry’s birthday. They’re reversable AND many styles come with matching oven mitts.

And in the Nov. 2006 issue of Lucky, they talk about Jessie Steele aprons. She has some that look like beautiful 50s day dresses, in pretty florals. And of course, one in a skull pattern.

I’ve had this sewing pattern for a vintagey apron, with rows and rows of colored rick-rack. Someday I’ll sew it up.

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