Food Adventures

21 Nov

I love cooking lately. I’ve been having so much fun doing it. A week ago or so, I made pumpkin pancakes for Kerry and me as we were interviewing potential roommates. It was the recipe from Martha Stewart Living, repeated in the October 2006 issue. I added extra ginger (since I love ginger) and left the batter thicker than I usually do. It was perfecto! The first few were a little underdone in the middle, but when I got the heat set to the right level, they turned this beautiful orange-brown color. Lovely.

And now I’m gearing up for my first-ever Thanksgiving dinner. I’m using the Everyday Food menu:
– Maple-glazed turkey
– Apple-chestnut stuffing
– sides provided by the guests
– maple-pumpkin pots de creme (take 2) for dessert

Should be good. I will, of course, post a report afterwards. The Chronicle Food and Wine newsletter recommended riesling to pair with turkey, but MSL recommended beaujoulais nouveau. I’m going to stop at BevMo on the way home tomorrow to try to pick up a bottle of that.

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