I hate our oven

23 Nov


Those are my pots de creme, not even halfway through the required cooking time.

Our top oven (thank God for the double oven today!) has been giving this F2 error message pretty much every time I cook in it. The first two times it happened, I was using an old cookie sheet that had all sorts of stuff caked onto it (yes, I had foil overtop). It started smoking and set off the F2 thing. Then it’s happened every time I’ve used the oven since then. (Which is why I’m using the lower over for the turkey.)

I just looked it up online and apparently, F2 means that the oven is reaching crazy high temperatures. Great. Another batch of pots de creme ruined.

They’re actually not ruined (just being melodramatic!). I scraped off the burnt top and put them in the fridge. I tried one not too long ago and they’re a little too cooked on the top half and a little undercooked on the bottom half. But they taste good and all the eggs are cooked, which is the important thing. I don’t want to poison my guests.

Here’s a photo of the scraped-off top.


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