I’m thankful for pumpkin pancakes

23 Nov

I’m not as thrilled with this batch of pumpkin pancakes, but they are darn tasty AND I made them while making the stuffing for dinner tonight and setting off the fire alarm in the process.

Yes, you read that right. Step 1 of 400 in the making of Thanksgiving dinner and I set off the fire alarm. I was drying the bread in the oven, the timer told me I was supposed to switch the pans on the racks, I turned off the timer, and then the alarm went off telling me I should have switched the pans.

So that made me think that I would blog about cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner. I’m so excited about it!

So next on the order of operations is to finish the stuffing (I’m about halfway done), clean out the turkey, stuff the turkey, and make the giblet broth for the gravy. Then put the turkey in the oven, make the pots de creme, and ta-da! All I’ll have to do is baste and finish the gravy when the turkey’s done.

Anyway, here are the first photos:


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