Turkeys are done, I’m finished

23 Nov

I’m so proud of myself with this turkey. I know, it’s a little overdone on top, I’m not sure if I basted it enough, it cooked much more quickly than I thought it would. But still, look at it! It’s gorgeous. All brown and pretty. So much different that the plucked fowl I was apologizing to earlier today as I washed out its inner cavities. (Mmm. Appetizing.)


Everything went pretty smoothly today. I didn’t have the completely leisurely day I was semi-expecting, but that’s OK. The stuffing went together pretty quickly, the gravy is coming together now, and all in all, I prepared everything pretty much right on schedule. Of course, my guests are running late, but that’s OK. It gives me a chance to sing my own praises (i.e., blog), watch the Epicurious video on carving a turkey, and finish up the gravy, which looks good but will need to be strained (there were some burnt bits of drippings on the bottom of the roasting pan).


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