Avram’s recommendations: Paris

22 Mar

I thought I’d gather some of people’s recommendations of things to do here, partially so I don’t forget them and partially so other people can share in them. So here’s one from Avram:

The name of the bar where the gypsy jazz jam happens on weekend afternoons (not positive if one or both days but i think both) is “La Chope Des Puces” near the clignancourt flea market. i do remember having a fun and simple (if not amazing) meal across the street. and, don’t be fooled – when you get off at the clignancourt (if i’m spelling it right) metro station and head for the the flea market(s), you will first run into a bunch of crap. you have to go past, through or around all that to get to the real flea market. and, just when you think you’ve seen it all and think that you’re out of it, you’ll come across another big covered mall full of shops. i think that there’s one that’s the oldest or whatever, but there is still good stuff in the others. finally, the chope des puces will be just around the corner from you.

Addition: I found a French website that had more information. Voila l’addresse: 122, rue des Rosiers à Saint-Ouen (93). It looks like the jam happens on Saturdays, Sundays, and jours feries (holidays) from 2 pm to 4 pm.


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