Avram’s recommendations (Pt. 2): Paris

26 Mar

Here’s more from Avram:

okay here’s some stuff:
http://www.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=la+chope+des+puces&near=Paris,+France&sa=X&oi=local&ct=title – it’s even got a picture of the same guy i shot that video of.
and do you know about this: http://photos.pagesjaunes.fr/. it is so cool.

and the other cool flea market is by the Vanves metro stop. you gotta check it out. it’s just about a block and a half or so from the stop. i believe the name for flea markets is something like “marche des puces” (and i think puce or puces means flea …)
and, here is the shop i got my django guitar at.
over there they are often called manouche guitars and “django jazz” is often called “manouche jazz”
there are two places in my friends neighborhood that they really like. one is chez janou and the other is le petite fer au cheval (i need to check those spellings)
the neighborhood is the marais – not far from the bastille and place de voges. there is a street near there called (i think) rue de rosiers but it’s not the same as the one with the gypsy bar (way different neighborhoods) and also a big street called rue saint antoine (which turns into rue des rivoli as it gets close to the river and ends up by the louvre). it’s a great neighborhood for wandering around. the picasso museum is also there.


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