Bon Appetit: eclair de sesame noir at Patisserie Aoki

2 Apr

Sesame Eclair

Originally uploaded by commamommas.

On Monday, I took a trip to the Jardin du Luxumbourg, continuing my quest to figure out where parts of Charade took place (I think this may be where the stamp collector was and maybe also where Hepburn and Grant watched the Punch and Judy play and Audrey Hepburn read too much into it).

While there, I stopped by Patisserie Sadohuro Aoki, and discovered two funny things.
1) You can’t always rely on addresses in Paris to be in numerical order. If there’s a park or something on one side of the street, the numbers stop–on that side of the street only–then start back where they left off at the next block with buildings. So the Patisserie Aoki, which is at #35, I think, is across the street from addresses in the 70s. When in doubt, keep walking.

2) Just as I was getting proud of myself for figuring out that “tirez” means “pull” and “poussez” means “push,” I encountered the door to Patisserie Aoki, which doesn’t say either. Now, let me just say that this is one of the very, very chic places I found myself in. It’s the kind of place I’d probably be too intimidated to step into in San Francisco. It feels very New York–very, very modern. The chocolate brown, very simple exterior is a sharp contrast to the stark white interior. The tall, slender Asian woman behind the counter looked like she could be a model.

So I push gingerly on the door, and it moves, taking my hand with it. It’s a sliding door, and my hand has slid in the gap, wedging itself nicely in. I wrench it out as chicly as possible (grimacing from the pain, as chicly as possible), and walk in.

The pastries look amazing, but I went with the black sesame eclair, which was mentioned in the “Paris Confidential” article in Bon Appetit, s’emporter (to go), making a hasty exit and eating it for lunch in the Jardin du Luxumbourg (where some pigeons eyed it dangerously).


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