War of Words: “Irregardless”

27 Dec

My friend Tim blogged a while back in defense of the word “irregardless.” I guess the folks at Merriam-Webster’s stumbled across it and blogged in their own defense in November.

This raises a few points:

  1. Why don’t people ever get sarcasm, hyperbole, or just plain goofy jokes on the Internet?
  2. Why did M-W quote from their usage guide instead of their much more common dictionary, which says basically the same thing? And did they miss Tim’s point 3?
  3. Why didn’t M-W use the word “irregardless” in the title of the post? Have they never heard of SEO? This is 2007, people.

Completely irrelevant P.S. My dad wanted a dictionary that “has all the words” for Christmas. I recommended M-W’s Collegiate 11th, but my mom bought the Random House Webster’s Unabridged. I was about to geek out on her about dictionaries, but decided it wasn’t in the spirit of Christmas to tell my 73-year-old Mom that maybe she should return a 30-lb. Christmas gift for a 30-lb. Christmas gift that looks exactly the same but is from a different publisher.

Oh, and that was the second unabridged dictionary given by and to a family member at Christmas.


One Response to “War of Words: “Irregardless””

  1. Andrew Mager December 28, 2007 at 11:17 pm #

    You are like the official M-W critic.

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