Grilling for One

28 Aug
The coals are off to a promising start.

The coals are off to a promising start.

Grilling for one is not nearly as enjoyable as grilling for more than one. But even though everyone I called had plans, was sick, or didn’t call me back, it was just too beautiful of an afternoon to not grill. In San Francisco, these kinds of days come infrequently and without warning, so I have to jump on these opportunities when they arise.

My menu was largely determined by the items in my fridge that I didn’t want going bad when I’m out of town later this week and the amount of prep work I felt like doing (as little as I could get away with). The main goal of the whole dinner was to feed myself while practicing mandolin outside.

Ingredients are ready to go!

Ingredients are ready to go!

Le menu:

  • Grilled romaine salad made with week-old hearts of romaine that’s still in good shape
  • Grilled potato wedges
  • Grilled lamb loin chops (on sale at the supermarket)

Since I didn’t have time to marinate the lamb, I drizzled some lemon juice and sprinkled it with once-fresh (now dried) rosemary. I started the coals in the chimney, filling it halfway since I was only cooking for myself, and started practicing.

Experienced grillers will find the critical error in that statement: you need a critical mass of coals in order to

Blueberry-brie appetizers.

Blueberry-brie appetizers.

get enough heat to grill the meat through. After adding coals, restacking them, and still seeing the lamb (and romaine, and potatoes) merely get warm, I gave up. About 45 minutes after I first put everything on the grill. I retreated to my kitchen, fired up the grill pan (apparently almost literally, as my apartment filled rather quickly with smoke), and finished cooking everything inside.

Giving up on the grill.

Giving up on the grill.

This post was originally written on August 10, but I forgot to publish it. Oops.


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