Fact-checking the Convention Speeches

4 Sep

I love it when fact-checking is put to good use, such as in debunking the myths perpetuated in political speeches (especially convention and campaign speeches).

Here’s the Associated Press’s fact-check of speeches by Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain, Gov. Mike Huckabee,and Gov. Mitt Romney. I guess “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is one of the many of the seemingly managably small ten commandments the religious right feels don’t apply to them.

As a quick aside, Palin got 1,500 votes TOTAL in two elections for mayor of Wasilla and she says that experience is more applicable than Obama’s community organizing? Really? Oh, and Mike Huckabee, perhaps you should have invested more in Arkansas’ educational system. You are a smart guy, so I don’t understand how you confused the greater than and less than sizes in comparing Palin’s and Biden’s votes.

Here’s the AP’s fact-check of speeches by Sen. Hilary Clinton, Gov. Ed Rendell, and others at the Democratic convention.

Call me a moral relativist, but the Democrats’ sins of omission are a bit better, though still unethical, than the Republicans’ sins of commission.


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