DIY Orla Kiely

13 Nov

Vogue 7328 and Repro Depot fabricEver since I saw the first one, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Orla Kiely bags, especially the Etc. vinyl-coated fabric ones. My friend Lessley gave me the best birthday gift ever last year, a fabric Bungalow 360 bag. It’s super lightweight, has the perfect combination of pockets, and zips fully closed across the top. I love it. The only problem? It’s disgustingly dirty because it’s impossible to clean.

While eating breakfast one morning, I thought, “I could save up for an Orla Kiely bag.” But, honestly, I don’t want to. Then I looked up at the pinned-up curtains covering my storage shelves. Aha! I could use the extra from that to make a handbag! And I even have an old pattern (Vogue 7328) that has a similarly shaped hobo-style handbag pattern.

But how do I protect the fabric from stains? Scotch-Guard did nothing to protect my Bungalow 360 handbag. I’d have to find a coating, like a fusible vinyl, to protect it, which would also make it look more like the Orla Kielys. And then I found it online!

I’m going to make the curtains this weekend and see if I have enough left over to make the bag. Sadly, doesn’t have any more of the fabric.


3 Responses to “DIY Orla Kiely”

  1. Lindsay December 31, 2008 at 2:49 pm #

    I was really excited to find this post! I too have been pining over an Orla Kiely bag, and I love your ideas about making your own.

    • Nicole December 31, 2008 at 4:15 pm #

      Sadly, I used up all the fabric while making my curtains (photos to come), but I decided to use another Repro Depot fabric that was going to become a throw pillow. I cut out the main fabric pieces today, so I’ll post more about how it goes later this week.


  1. No DIY Orla Kiely, but I did make curtains « Seamripper - January 13, 2009

    […] was hoping to have some extra fabric to make a handbag, but alas, the project used it all up. Who knew you really do need the fabric to be 1.5-2 times the […]

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