Tea Towel Bulletin Board

12 Jan

My friend Annie gave me a set of gorgeous tea towels for a housewarming gift. I kept them wrapped up in their ribbon for the longest time; they were just too nice looking to get dirty.Opening Up the Seams

At the same time, I had my old bulletin board leaning against a wall, waiting to be recovered. The pink and brown fabric didn’t match my new avocado green, yellow, and tomato red kitchen decor.

And then the chocolate dropped into my peanut butter. The prettier tea towel was the perfect size to use to recover the bulletin board. Well, almost the perfect size. I had to rip out the edges to get a little more width, then I used Fray Block to prevent the edges from unraveling. Stapling the Fabric Down

The pink and brown fabric was tacked on using upholstery tacks, so I pulled those out, revealing the original light green fabric stapled to the foam core and cardboard. I didn’t have the energy to rip all those staples out, so I covered that with some muslin (to prevent the green from showing through), then the tea towel, stretching the fabric and stapling it into place.

This also added some depth to the board, which helped it fit better into the frame. I took someTea Towel Bulletin Board old grosgrain ribbon, tacked it into the crossed pattern with the upholstery tacks, popped it back into the frame, and hung it up on the wall. Ta-da! Bulletin board and kitchen decoration all in one! I want to change it to all red ribbon, but this works well for now.


  • Thrift-store picture frame
  • Foam core and/or layers of cardboard cut to fit frame
  • Muslin (if using cardboard, to prevent brown from bleeding through)
  • Tea towel
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Staples
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Hanging wire or whatever else you want to use to hang it on your wall

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