A few accomplishments from the Fall Cure

14 Mar
Storage shelf reorg

Storage shelves: in progress

I didn’t take many photos during the Apartment Therapy Fall Cure 2009. Most of it was decluttering, which is not terribly photogenic. However, I did take photos of the project I was most proud of: reorganizing my storage shelves. It, too, is unphotogenic.

My apartment has virtually no storage. I have one tiny closet in my bedroom, a few awkwardly sized and positioned shelves in my bathroom, and a few shelves and cabinets in my kitchen. When I moved in to my apartment, I bought some IKEA shelves to put in a nook in my kitchen as storage, and they quickly became stuffed with crap.

Storage shelf reorg-after

The reorganized storage shelf

When I set up the shelves, I staggered the levels so they could accommodate items of varying height (and help make the shelf more stable), but I realized that this didn’t make good use of horizontal space. So I picked up some more shelves, took everything out of the shelving system, rebuilt the shelves, and then put everything back together. Fortunately, there’s a Goodwill drop-off nearly across the street from my house. I took bags and bags of things over there.

Now my shelves efficiently use the horizontal space. They also feel organized when I look at them, which makes a difference emotionally. I am so happy with this project. All my cleaning tools are organized on one side in a sort of broom closet, which makes it easier to grab what I need and go.

Storage shelf reorg-after

Pay no attention to the copious, but well-organized, stuff behind the curtain

I also made a rag bag out of fabric that I had cut to make a handbag, after acknowledging to myself that I was never going to make the handbag. That was a relief. I did, however, throw away an out-of-print Kelly bag sewing pattern. That, I think was my only regret.

See more pictures in my Apartment Therapy Fall Cure 2009 Flickr set.


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