Apartment Therapy Home Cure 2010! A look back on 2009

14 Mar

Last fall, I did the Apartment Therapy Home Cure, and I felt like my entire life changed. I decluttered, cleaned, reorganized, repaired, and made small adjustments that made my apartment so much of a better place to live. I couldn’t wait until spring, so I could do it all again.

Last time, I kept a pretty detailed Google Docs spreadsheet to track everything in one place. I created pages for:

  • The questionnaire at the beginning of the book so I could easily reference it.
  • Weekly updates to track my progress and pat myself on the back. (I’m going to handle that here, for this go-round.)
  • A repair worksheet, with columns for Room, Repair, Solution, and Done (with the date).
  • Shopping list, with Item, Room, Cost, Priority, Bought (date), Store, and Notes (to keep track of different options, etc.)

The upside of the spreadsheet was that it kept everything in one place. The downside is that it’s not easily accessible/editable from my phone (so I had to print out my shopping list for each store or enter it into my phone). It’s also completely text-based, which isn’t so ideal for this sort of thing. I created an Xmarks folder to bookmark images I found inspiring, but it was cumbersome to dig through all that.

This time, I’m going to move my weekly updates to this blog and take photos to track my progress. Also, I’m going to post my style folder photos here, so I have a visual record. I downloaded the TaskPaper iPhone app and am going to download the program on my computer so I can keep my to-dos with me at all times.


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