AT Home Cure: Goals for 2010

14 Mar
Bedroom-before mosaic

The Before images of my bedroom

When I did the Apartment Therapy Home Cure last fall, I realized that my apartment had become sadly neglected. I did the Deep Treatment and got rid of bags and bags of stuff I didn’t need.

This time, I’m going to do a mix of the Deep Treatment and One-Room Remedy, focusing on my bedroom. My bedroom is fine, but after getting the rest of my apartment to feel like “me,” I want to get this room to feel more inviting, comfortable, cozy, and yes, maybe a bit sexy.

I have been aiming for a color scheme (dark brown, pale green, pale pink, pale orange) in my bedroom over the years that just simply has never come together, mostly because I don’t put any effort into tying it together.

Also, I have things in there that I grew out of years ago:

  • Two twin-size blankets that I got my freshman year of college. They’re 19 years old. I’ve been sleeping in a double bed for the past 14 years.
  • Flannel sheets that are great for warmth (my apartment is very chilly) but, aesthetically, lean a little more toward the lumberjack than I want. I think the pink plaid is funny, but funny isn’t what I should be going for in the bedroom.
  • A My First Sony alarm clock. It has a clock radio, which is the only radio I own, but the reception is terrible. Again, it’s funny, but why am I going for funny in the bedroom? I’ve been wanting to replace this for years, but I haven’t found anything that I liked.

I have made some recent improvements that I want to build on:

  • The flokati rug (from IKEA, but I do not recommend buying their rugs) is amazing to step on first thing in the morning. It’s a pain to clean, but it feels so nice underfoot. I want to bring more sensual elements into my bedroom: soft things, texture, etc.
  • The art I have on the walls (from L’Affiche Moderne and others). It’s comforting, soothing, and most importantly, it doesn’t show people. I get creeped out by having photos of people in my bedroom. I’d like to bring more art into my room. I tried to do this a bit with my DIY collage frame above my bed, but I just don’t think it’s working that well right now.
  • Medicine-cabinet mirror (flea market find). I need to replace the ribbon holding this up. I used that as a temporary ribbon about 4 years ago, and it’s time to replace it. I made the velvet flower on top, but it would be nice to replace it with something in the color scheme. Maybe I can make a new one.
  • Tree necklace holder (from Urban Outfitters). I had all my jewelry in a box under my dresser, but I realized that, even though I had some jewelry I liked, I never wore any. Putting my necklaces out encourages me to actually wear them.

After taking the diagnostic quiz, my home is healthy, but it could use improvement in one room and toning all around. I really need to work on the breath (arrangement and flow) and bones (physical structure) of my house. I’m feeling good about this cure!


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