I want this life | Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2010

14 Mar

Domino magazine, December 2006/January 2007

As soon as I got this issue of Domino in the mail, I thought, “I want that life.” I love the model’s dress, and I even searched for patterns to make something like it. (I found one, but realized I would probably never get around to actually sewing it.) I bought the lipstick she’s wearing (Aveda Rubisparks, now discontinued). I ordered the wreath from Anthropologie (it is brighter in real life) and hang it up every year at Christmas.

But I really wanted that living room. I love the comfortable, subtle opulence of it. The velvet sofa looks like you could just lounge on it all day. The silvery walls add just a bit of sparkle and probably reflect the light really nicely (something I would love in my dark apartment). The simple red-topped, gold-legged table is just the tiniest bit ornate.

I want to make my bedroom like this, putting a sight spin on the Domino idea of “turn this outfit into a room” and making it “turn this living room into a bedroom.”


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