Brilliant ideas: Union Jack throw pillows

24 Mar

The one thing I remember from the one episode of “Man Shops Globe” that I saw was artist Becky Oldfield and her gorgeous quilts made from reclaimed Union Jack flags. I have been a devout anglophile since my mom had me watching Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery as a kid, and I think the British flag is one of the most beautifully designed flags in the world. (I work at a travel magazine, I see a lot of flags.) I really, really, really loved those quilts. But did I really want to be sleeping under a Union Jack? Probably not. Though it would go nicely with the Penguin Classic print I would love to hang over my bed…* Rule Britannia.

When I started coveting the Rosette quilt at Anthropologie, I thought about buying the matching pillows. But at $58 each, I really could not justify it. Then I remembered Oldfield’s quilts. What if I made a Union Jack pillow in grey, purple, and white? Brilliant!

Union Jack pillow, from Henry Road

Molly's felt flower pillow, from

I’m thinking something like this (left), design-wise (so a true version of the flag). At first I was thinking of using some cool calico from Reprodepot, but now I’m thinking solids. Maybe even felt, like these felt flower pillows (right), from Purlbee, so I can layer the stripes on top of each other without having to quilt it all together.

Update: Oldfield herself has printed Union Jack pillows!

*Ouch! The 27.5 x 17″ version is 99 British pounds ($147). The much-cooler 55 x 35″ version is 299 pounds ($445)! Bloody hell.


One Response to “Brilliant ideas: Union Jack throw pillows”

  1. jennifer @ fog city sparkle March 25, 2010 at 10:11 am #

    i have been coveting a few of them for a while as well!

    just don’t think i have a place for them… but might frame my sequined union jack purses. 🙂

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