New quilt

24 Mar

As I walked to my Muni stop from doing a weeknight run, I thought, “Maybe I’ll stop by the Apple store and buy a laptop case!” Then I thought, “No, that’s too expensive.” I passed the Apple store, and I thought, “Maybe I’ll stop by Anthropologie to check out my dream quilt!” Then I thought, “OK, but I won’t buy it yet.”

Well, I bought it. As I carried it up to the cash register, a nice saleslady in a cute pixie cut said, “I LOVE that quilt! You’re going to be so happy.” And guess what? I am.

My new quilt and throw!

I had put off buying this because, well, it’s expensive, and I thought I’d need a new duvet cover (additional expense). But after I removed my dark brown duvet cover, I realized that I don’t even need to buy a new one yet. Since I sleep with a top sheet, I can use the plain comforter. My bed is feeling very cloud-like. I love it!


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