My deep-cleaned kitchen | Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2010

6 Apr

Week 2 of the Cure always blows my mind. When you set out to clean every surface in your kitchen, you don’t realize exactly what all it will involve. It is both far more labor-intensive a task than I expect it to be and far more fulfilling a task than I expect it to be. I love cooking. I love having a clean kitchen. And after the deep clean, my kitchen always feels SPARKLING!

Once again, I didn’t take before photos, but here are some of the afters, which took several revisions before they finally became true “afters.”

The busiest corner in my kitchen, with freshly reorganized shelves

After having several BBQs and dinner parties (and also failing to make the bottles of limoncello I planned to give everyone for Christmas a few years ago), I had amassed quite a ridiculous liquor collection. I kept the makings for my favorite drinks–Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds, and margaritas–on an accessible shelf and moved everything else (which I plan to use at my birthday party in a few months) way up high.

Close-up of my organized shelves

Also, I drink coffee every morning. I usually just shake my coffee out of the paper bag it comes in, but I often end up spilling a fair bit of it and feeling grumpy about it. So I poured my coffee into a glass jar. Now I can spoon it out without spilling as much AND it looks lovelier on my shelf.

I got these diner mugs at Loulou’s Lost and Found in Boston and have always regretted not getting more. If anyone knows where to get them, let me know. These say “Black Jumbo Coffee” and “Coffee! Nice and hot!”

My clean stove and table and chairs

I briefly had my table aligned differently (a short end was against the left wall), but I moved it back to this position. It feels more open this way.

One thing I learned: don’t cook while trying to clean your kitchen. Especially don’t roast a whole chicken, bake bread, make Rice Krispy treats (even though that will help get rid of a box of Rice Krispies that had been unopened in my cabinet for ages), roast asparagus, and make chicken stock. That didn’t speed up the process.

My bookshelf, in my kitchen. This needs serious editing.

This bookshelf is still kind of a disaster. I need to declutter it in a big way. I’m leaving that and my storage shelves for the “home office” week. All my cookbooks are on the top shelf, and all my copies of Martha Stewart Living (collected over a decade or more) are on the bottom shelf. I moved all my “books to read” off my desk and to that horizontal pile on the middle shelf.

Testing out the new fabric for the curtains hiding my storage shelves

The curtains I had covering my storage shelves before were made of this great yellow-and-green polka dot pattern fabric from ReproDepot. But the yellow just blended into the yellow walls of my kitchen, and it dragged down that area a bit. I initially bought this large-print fabric for a tablecloth, then was going to get a related print–same motif, smaller pattern–for the curtains. IKEA sold out of the smaller print, so I bought more of this. I kind of like it. Sewing these curtains will be my weekend project.

The old curtains next to the new ones.

I still loved that polka-dot fabric, and besides my mixing bowls, it was the only avocado green I had in the kitchen. I couldn’t just throw the fabric away! It did keep nagging me that the fabric in the screen hiding my water heater were so stained and, well, disgusting. You can see it in some of the photos. It took less than one polka-dot curtain panel, an hour with a pair of needle-nose pliers, and some upholstery tacks to replace the stained fabric.

Old curtains become my new screen!

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done! (FYI, that apron on the left is what determined the color scheme for my kitchen: tomato red, orange, yellow, avocado green, and the pretty robin’s egg blue.)


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