Tackling the shopping list | Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2010

10 Apr

400-thread count sheets for $43! What a deal!

I am both ahead and behind in my Spring Cure this year. I made great progress in my kitchen and reorganizing my living room (yay!). After an initial surge of activity, my bedroom, the room I wanted to focus on the most, has been sadly neglected.

So I decided to focus on getting a few items off my shopping list and into my home. I just ordered my dream clock, the Theo Williams jet alarm clock from Sperenza Gallery in Texas–the only place that still had it. And then I found quite a few much-needed, though boring, items on Amazon:

  • A new backup drive for my computer, highly recommended by CNET.
  • New sheets. 400 thread count set for $43! The cheapest I found, in something close to the right color, was $80.
  • A new laptop case. (OK, not really part of the Home Cure, but part of my goal to get out of my home and into the world, even when I have to work on my computer)
  • A rotating-plug surge protector. This sounds dorky, but it is SO USEFUL. I have an outlet right behind my couch, and using this kind of surge protector means that I can push my couch closer to the wall, saving precious inches of floor space.

In the process of ordering all this, I dumped an entire glass of water on my desk and onto all my cables behind my desk. This post on cable organizers helped me narrow my options down to the Cable Turtle. The cable organizers are cheaper on Cableorganizer.com (and shipping is cheaper, too).

I love online shopping because you know exactly what you’re paying throughout every step. But still, as I got ready to hit “Place Your Order” on Amazon and cableorganizer.com, I felt a moment’s panic. Last year, I did not budget well for my Cure, and I ran out of money (or rather, ran up my credit card) by spending it on nice-to-haves instead of need-to-haves. I don’t want to make that same mistake this time. I’m going to hold off on the cable stuff. Phew. I feel better already.


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