Union Jack pillow colors | Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2010

10 Apr

It is FREEZING today, so instead of going out and shopping for home items, I am sitting in my house figuring some home things out on my computer. I found some great wool felt colors on Purl Soho’s website, so I used a graphics program to play around with two color combinations for my Union Jack pillow idea.

Here they are with the quilt and sheets I bought for my bed.

Union Jack pillow colors: I'm leaning toward the two greys.


Now I have to decide what size pillows I’m going to make. I’d rather do rectangular than square, but the square pillow forms will be much easier to find, and it seems it would make it easier to get the angles right on the flag.

Oddly enough, the felt and sheets are almost the exact same shade as the color I’m thinking of painting my dresser, Sherwin-Williams Mythical.


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    […] I am soooooooo happppppyyyyyyy to have my living room all back together again, with my fabulous rug. Now I just have to finish my other remaining AT Home Cure projects: sewing the curtains for the kitchen, repainting my dresser, changing the ribbon around my mirror, and making those Union Jack pillows. […]

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