The finished living room | Apartment Therapy Home Cure

17 May

My reorganized living room!

My awesome property management company, their contractors, and I have been diligently working to get a leaky window in my apartment fixed. Unfortunately, it’s involved much more work than anyone could have anticipated. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with the contractors to get the ceiling patched, the wall repainted, and, as the final step of the saga, replacing the carpet. This whole process put much of my AT Home Cure on hold, which was frustrating. But it all was resolved today, when my carpet was replaced and I put my home back together!

My reading nook.

The big change in this room was rearranging it to be a much more conversation- and entertaining-friendly space. I did this in the beginning of April, but I couldn’t put down my rug (the rug guy told me it is very difficult to get mildew smells out of tapestry rugs–who knew?) until the carpet was replaced. Since I took those photos, I moved my small bookshelf under my coat hooks so I have more of a proper landing strip. I need to find a new end table for the couch (and my poor plant, which has not been getting enough sun).

In the back of my mind, I always wanted to make this room a more inviting place to practice my instruments. I moved my two guitars, my mandolin, and my amp to the previously empty corner. Since most of my music books, strings, picks, etc. are in my landing strip bookshelf, now everything is more accessible.

Another view.

I am soooooooo happppppyyyyyyy to have my living room all back together again, with my fabulous rug. Now I just have to finish my other remaining AT Home Cure projects: sewing the curtains for the kitchen, repainting my dresser, changing the ribbon around my mirror, and making those Union Jack pillows.

Wireless router tip (courtesy of the nice customer service lady at AT&T): Lift your router off the carpet. This greatly improves reception.


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