Cherry pie | Recipe of the week

31 Aug

The cherry pie, in progress.

Note: I’ve been clearing through my Draft posts folder, hence the deluge of “new” posts.

When I moved from Portland to San Francisco, I drove Wolfie, my 1990 VW Golf down I-5 through Oregon, then over to the coast, stopping along the way for coffee and cherry pie (I may or may not have been inspired by Twin Peaks). I honestly feel that there is no more perfect pie than cherry pie. The round whole cherries bobbing about in that bright-red syrup and popping in your mouth as you eat them–delicious.

So since this summer has turned, somehow, into the Summer of Pie, it was only logical that I try my hand at a cherry pie to bring to my friend Angela’s jam up in Fiddletown.

Step 1 in making cherry pie: Clear your calendar.

Pitting cherries takes a really long time, people. I wasted several pounds of delicious organic cherries because I didn’t have time to pit them right after I bought them. I still ate most of them as snacks, etc., but still…

Once you do free up several hours of your time, bear in mind that it will likely be on an uncharacteristically gorgeous day when you’d really rather be doing something outside. That’s OK, because soon you will enter the Zen state of cherry-pitting, and that is something that all those people hiking, biking, sunning, eating at charming outdoor cafes, etc. will not be able to enjoy. Nor will they be able to eat your pie.

The pie, about to go into the oven then, soon after that, into my belly.

How to pit cherries without a cherry pitter is a hot topic online. Although I was intrigued by the pastry tip approach described by one Chowhounder, I ultimately went with the paper clip method because I wanted to keep the cherries as whole as possible. (I also consulted the NYT’s cherry-pitting discussion.)

Other than that, I followed Bittman’s recipe (of course) for cherry pie. I used sweet cherries from my local farmer’s market and added lemon juice and almond extract. This was, I must say, my best pie ever.


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