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Well, that was fast

23 Sep

End of summer. Photo by Night Owl City.

Roughly 7.5 weeks after I was laid off, I had my first day of work at a new job. I really did not expect that to happen at all. I honestly expected to spend the next five months fruitlessly submitting resumes and having countless phone interviews while in my pajamas. Instead, I applied for a handful of jobs, spent 11 hours total interviewing for two of them, and got a three-month contract from one of the first places I applied to. I am ridiculously lucky.

Part of me focuses on this part:

Stuff I wanted to do while unemployed

  • Write a screenplay
  • Develop an editorial blueprint and a business plan for a new online magazine
  • Sew curtains for the storage shelves in my kitchen
  • Visit my friends John and Annie in Portland
  • Visit my friend Kerry in LA
  • Hem two pair of jeans, two dresses, a pair of pants, and a skirt
  • Sew my Union Jack pillows
  • Get in awesome shape
  • Become an amazing mandolin player
  • Write roughly 20 songs
  • Vastly improve my cooking skills

Now that I look at it, it seems a little overly ambitious. What I’m really focusing on is this:

Stuff I actually did while unemployed

  • Spent a week with my dad (and most of my extended family) while he recovered from surgery that removed all the cancer! Yay Dad!
  • Took trips to Carmel, Fiddletown, Santa Cruz, and the Jersey Shore
  • Tried a couple of new (to me) coffee shops
  • Took time to let a new relationship develop
  • Caught up on sleep
  • Almost taught myself how to perfectly poach an egg (I could use some more practice)
  • Wrote a couple of freelance articles
  • Saw first-hand what it was like to work at a ramen stand
  • Baked my best pie ever and some other decent ones
  • Learned a lot about Bialetti Moka coffee makers
  • Panicked about my ability to find a job, pay rent, pay for gas
  • Ended my more than year-long search for affordable champagne coupe glasses
  • Put on and promoted a show at Amnesia, with three bands (and a poster!)
  • Caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and missed too many chances to hang out with others
  • Realized how big of a role IM (and being on IM all day at work) had in planning my social life
  • Went to three bluegrass festivals
  • Spent a couple of the warmest weekdays this summer in my backyard

It’s true that you either have time or money, and I haven’t had a gift of time like that since my last summer break in college–though, even then I was working. Come to think of it, I was working two jobs that summer. OK, I haven’t had a break like that since I was 15.

In many ways, I wish I had used it better, but I really can’t fault myself too much. I became myself again. That’s really what I did. Not a bad way to spend 7.5 weeks.