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Prepping for month #2: Finances

15 Nov

I’m still struggling through the “Boost Energy” month 1 of my Happiness Project (after a false start in Nov.), but since I’m getting married (yay) and probably buying a house and starting to have kids (yay and yikes) within a year after that, I need to deal with my finances. My fiance (ooooOOOOOoooo) and I agreed that although our finances are in nowhere near as bad shape as Greece or Italy, we need to start an austerity plan.

I got a bit of a head start on that today, by following step 1: Remove temptation. Doing all this helps put me in the mindset of not spending, which, for me, is the first step toward saving, and it’s the only reliable way to help me get started on a budget.

  • Unsubscribe from all Living Social, Groupon, and other daily deal sites.
  • Unsubscribe from mailers, catalogs, etc.
  • If you get any catalogs, throw them out right away.
  • Unsubscribe from any other email from any store I might want to shop in. The hardest ones were Ambiance‘s Twitter feed and ModCloth‘s emails. (OK, I didn’t unsubscribe from ModCloth. They have lots of styling tips…)
  • Don’t visit online shops. Not even when you think you’re Christmas shopping.
  • Avoid going into stores. (Starting a workout plan is a good way to do this. If you have to head home right after work and exercise, you will stay out of cute boutiques.)

There is much, much more I need to do for finance month. But I’m still focused on “Boost energy” month, so I need to take some melatonin and get to bed.