More weekend cooking: Brussels sprouts hash, no-knead bread, and more

6 Jan

I spent another entire weekend cooped up in my house, sick, but at least Dave and I got back to some of our almost-ideal weekend activities: taking the dog to the dog park, picking up morning pastries from Bovine Bakery (I may be addicted to their morning buns), and doing lots and lots of cooking.

Besides the chicken soup with chipotle paste for lunch on Saturday, we did Bittman’s onion and parsley roasted chicken on Saturday night, along with this really yummy Brussels sprouts, apple, and bacon hash. Dave roasted the chicken, and as the usual chicken roaster in our house, I have to say that my skin usually gets browner, but he did a good job. When I make that roast chicken variation, I use a mandoline to slice the onions very thin (I also use yellow onions). Dave used a knife to chop his white onions very thin, but the basting mixture ended up being really liquidy. I think that may have affected the crispness.

Brussels sprouts hash

Brussels sprouts, apple, and bacon hash from Martha Stewart Living. Three words: om nom nom.

The Brussels sprouts, apple, and bacon hash is from the Jan. 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living (I am newly obsessed with MSL, which, under editor Pilar Guzman, has once again become a great magazine). It was in an article that basically said that you should roast veggies while you’re cooking something else, and use them later in the week for a side dish. BRILLIANT! We roasted the veggies at the same time as the chicken, which worked out OK time-wise because you don’t need to reheat all the food. However, it did make it harder to cut the onions into small enough bits.

The richness of the bacon in the hash worked really nicely with the lightness of the chicken. All in all, a good pairing.

Other food we made:


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