Operation paint chip: Bring in some color, banish the beige

5 Feb

Outside, our house is white with black trim. Inside, our house is pretty much the same. Our floor is really dark brown, nearly every wall is a different shade of off-white, and the one color we had on the walls was yellow: a pale yellow in the master bedroom, a strong mustard in the dining room (that, coincidentally, worked perfectly with a rug I had and the upholstery on our dining room chairs), and a yellowish cream in the powder room downstairs.

All this off-white and brown has been driving me insane.

I had grand visions of painting (at least some of) the rooms myself, but when we found out our neighbor Brian is a professional painter, Dave said SIGN US UP! So we did. We tested swatches today (Tuesday), and we should have three rooms painted by the end of day Thursday. My husband is a smart, smart man.

Here’s what we have lined up so far:

Kitchen: celery green (Benjamin Moore Potpourri green)

Master bedroom: Some sort of tan to match the marble (limestone? I should know this) in the fireplace and in the rug

Nursery: Pale bluish gray to go with our navy and hot pink color scheme (which coordinates with Michael Miller’s Out to Sea fabric in the Deep Sea Jewel colors on the right, below).

Out to Sea by Michael Miller fabrics

I’ll post photos and update the links as we go.


One Response to “Operation paint chip: Bring in some color, banish the beige”

  1. Deb Livermore February 5, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    Hey. Love your writing style and color choices. I am looking forward to reading more. Beautiful home

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