The un-beige-ing of our house: Part 1, the kitchen

5 Feb

I love our town. Part of why I love our town is that our neighbors are super awesome. From the asbestos lawyer next door who saw us putting up Halloween decorations and immediately came over to offer us his ladder to the two — TWO — neighbors who brought us homemade wine (a benefit of living minutes away from wine country) as welcome to the neighborhood gifts, if we had any doubt in our mind about whether we should move to Petaluma or stay in the city (or closer to the city), our neighbors immediately reassured us that we made the right call. Small towns, FTW!

So as we thought more and more about painting the interior of our house, we remembered that Brian, our neighbor directly across the street, is a professional painter. A few emails later, he’s got a super short commute to a quickie job during his slow season and we get a pro to paint our house in three days instead of taking three weeks to try to do it ourselves.

First up, the kitchen. Our kitchen is gigantic and open, we love to cook, we love to entertain, and we love hanging out with our friends and family in that room. It’s a key room in the house. In fact, most days when I work from home, I barely leave the kitchen (this may be a holdover from living in a tiny apartment for so long).

So, to catch you up, here’s what it looked like before we moved in. Pretty, cozy, classy.

Our kitchen, before we moved in

I forgot to take a “before” picture of what we did with the room, but here’s an idea of what it looked like after we moved in. Off-white walls, all-dark wood furniture, even a dark-brown dog who often lies on the floor. Kind of lifeless, except for our cheery rug, which was literally the one spot of color in the otherwise brown and off-white room. (Even our super-cool salt and pepper shakers, a wedding gift, are dark brown.)

Dave and Dean pretend to eat the Thanksgiving turkey in the kitchen.

So I started looking for inspiration. Here are a few of the kitchens I liked. Do you see a trend?

Kitchen inspiration

Red chairs, bright walls, retro vibe, celery green/robin’s egg blue/red color scheme. Done. When I showed Brian the color chip I was considering for the walls, he winced a bit and warned us that greens with a lot of yellow can look REALLY BRIGHT in a room. Wanting to see for myself, I chose that one and one with more blue and we tried them out.

Result: terrible. The celery green looked fluorescent (bad, especially because it needs to blend in with a pale but warm “latte” kind of color) and the bluer green looked too minty fresh and didn’t match the rug or the fabric I want to use for the curtains. Oh, right. I picked out curtain fabric and forgot that I did. I should have matched it to that.

The paint with the curtain fabric

The fluorescent color matched much better than the minty green (above), but…no. How about one shade darker? Back Brian went to the paint store (I maybe made up for his lack of commute with that extra trip), for a sample of Potpourri Green. Perfect.

Here’s what it looks like with the first coat:

The kitchen, after the first coat of green paint on the walls

I love it. Thank heavens for talented (and patient) neighbors.

Sources for inspiration photos (collage created with Pixlr Express):

Coral chairs and green-blue shelving: Apartment Therapy

Green-walled kitchen with “eat” sign: Zimbio

White, open kitchen: Apartment Therapy

Green-walled, retro kitchen: Design Sponge


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