Spatchcocked lemon chicken | Recipe of the week

6 Feb

This was a recipe of the week a few weeks ago, but I just finally grabbed a bunch of photos off our camera. So here’s our spatchcocked lemon chicken. I love making roast chicken, but I was kind of getting bored with my standard recipe (and the standard variations). Always tasty, always virtually the same. Martha Stewart Living to the rescue! (BTW, Pilar Guzman is doing an awesome job as editor of that magazine. After canceling my sub in a huff a few years ago, I resubscribed. Although the depth of the coverage from before isn’t there, the fun is back, the fussiness is gone, and I want to cook and make several things in every issue!)

This recipe, from Lucinda Scala Quinn, is AWESOME. Roast chicken can get kind of boring. This is not. The lemon slices, wedged under the skin and underneath the bird, add such a bright, sunny flavor to the chicken — which is great for the middle of winter — and probably even bring some often much-needed moistness to the breasts. And spatchcocking means that you don’t have to awkwardly flip the bird partway through the roasting process. Very convenient.

Dave high-fived me when we ate it. We used Meyer lemons, because we have a tree full of them, but I kept the quantity of lemons about the same as in the recipe.

Spatchcocked lemon chicken

I would make this again and again and again and again. Scala Quinn, because she is a genius and highly practical, even has a recipe for a soup that uses the leftovers. Er, make that two recipes.

Additional resources:

Video on how to spatchcock a chicken.

Recipe: Roast spatchcocked lemon chicken, Martha Stewart Living.


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