Soba with greens and fried tofu | Recipe Report Card

2 Jan

The quick-and-dirty report card on tonight’s meal

Soba with greens and fried tofu, Dinner: The Playbook p. 187

  • Meal: dinner, 1/3/15
  • Kid tried?: Yes
  • Keeper?: No
  • Cook’s grade: B. Easy, easy, easy to make. In all my attempts to get restaurant-quality (or something within the ballpark of that) fried tofu, I can’t believe I never tried to dredge tofu in flour. Still, I burned the second batch (my fault, but it’s happens when you’re cooking dinner and watching a toddler) and the tofu lost its crispiness in the time between when I told my husband dinner was ready and he came down (and then decided not to eat it). So easy to make on the one hand, but on the other hand, I was the only one who liked it.
  • Kid’s grade: D. Bug will eat any noodle, so the soba (which she’s had before) was a big hit. Greens are a tough sell to a 21-month-old, and even after I chopped them up small, she was not interested. She tried the tofu. “What’s that?” “Tofu.” “No like tofu,” she said, handing me her half-eaten piece and then picking several others off her plate and depositing them on mine. I will definitely try other soba recipes, though, as a slightly more nutritious alternative to her favorite, rice.

Addendum (1/7/15): I definitely would not make this again in the same way. As I ate the leftovers, I realized I don’t like boiled greens. However, I would totally do this again with different vegetables (I did a grilled eggplant and red pepper dish with soba once that was pretty tasty) and maybe different protein to appease Dave.


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