Meatloaf, plus Pork with Cherry Sauce | Recipe Report Card

14 Jan

After last week, I was kind of patting myself on the back for all the successes we’ve had so far. But this week is helping bring me back down to earth. On Monday, Dave had a hit with meatloaf with mashed potatoes and our favorite kale recipe, Bitman’s kale with double garlic (here’s a similar recipe that proves you can use it with any green). His meatloaf recipe uses oatmeal, and though he usually uses Quaker Oats, he swapped it for steel-cut oats this time (since that’s all we have). It was soooooo good.

Oat-based meatloaf (We’re not sure of the source.)

  • Meal: dinner, 1/12/15
  • Kid tried?: Yes
  • Keeper?: Yes
  • Cook’s grade: A. Since Dave made it, I have no idea how easy or hard this was to make, but I do know it was delicious and clean-up was easy. The steel-cut oats added a really nutty flavor that helped it rise above your standard meatloaf. Although, I have to say, I do love even standard meatloaf.
  • Kid’s grade: B. The Bug tried it and ate some–enough to say that it was more successful for her than most of our dinners these days. She ate one bite of mashed potatoes, which used to be a favorite, and one bite of the kale, which is more than she usually tries.

On Tuesday, I made pork with cherry sauce, which I had marked in an old copy of Everyday FoodNot exactly a hit, and also a reminder not to cook anything from the more recent issues of Everyday Food.

Pork with cherry sauceEveryday Food December 2013

  • Meal: dinner, 1/13/15
  • Kid tried?: Yes
  • Keeper?: No
  • Cook’s grade: C. This was a fairly easy dish to make, and there were plenty of steps to do ahead, which streamlined the actual cooking. It was also very, very simple to clean up. But it just didn’t taste great. I’ve realized that, unless I’m frying something for real–like making fried chicken or tempura–I have no interest in dredging meat through flour and browning it in the pan. It seems like too much work, and I don’t enjoy the taste. The cherry sauce is more of a cherry topping, which was fine with me but disappointing to Dave. I also served it over polenta slices, baked in the oven, and that was not tasty at all. Better to go for creamy polenta or to pan-fry the slices (and maybe use better polenta than the prepackaged Trader Joe’s kind).
  • Kid’s grade: F. The Bug started pilfering the cherries from my plate, tried one, and then moved all the cherries on her plate over to mine. “No like cherries.” She tried a bite of pork, but was not interested in that, either. Dave called the polenta rounds “cookies,” but that didn’t work. “No like cookies.” (Which, for the record, is not true.)

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