Weekend cooking: Chocolate chip cookies and roasted chickpeas

14 Jan

Cook's Illustrated Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

This weekend, I found myself in a semi-clean kitchen with about 45 minutes before the Bug woke up from her nap. Too little time to prep dinner (since I hadn’t defrosted any meat) or sew a dress I’m working on for the Bug, too risky to practice mandolin… I know! I’ll make roasted chickpeas! The Bug and I tried them at the Discovery Museum last week, and she really liked them, so I thought they might make a good addition to the healthy, non-carb, some nutritional value snack list that we have going. (That list? Minty peas, cinnamon squash, and…that’s it.)

I used the Chow recipe for Spicy Roasted Chickpeas, although I mixed the ingredients right in the pan, rather than get a bowl dirty (see previous note about being in an already-semi-clean kitchen). They turned out really well, though I wish I had roasted them a bit longer and maybe waited for them to cool down more before storing them. After a day or two in a Pyrex, they lost some of their crunch. But, the Bug has eaten them a couple of days running, which is a good sign.

Inspired, I also made the Cook’s Illustrated Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, which live up to their name, even for someone who is as cookie-baking-challenged as I am. I baked the first batch a tiny bit too long, so they were a little crunchy on top. Too hungry for the second batch, I made them in a baking pan we usually use for roasting and cooled them on top of the stove. They flattened out quite a bit, but tasted delicious. I decided that this year, one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to perfect chocolate chip cookies.

The Bug woke up when I was almost done, and helped stir the batter and dump in the chocolate chips (eating a bunch). She had her first raw cookie dough (I know, it has raw eggs, but licking the spoon is one of the joys of baking) and after eating half a baked cookie, had her first demonstrated sugar rush. It was pretty cute watching her dance around the family room with chocolate on her face, clearly buzzing from the little bit of sugar.


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