Lea & Perrin’s pulled pork | Recipe report card

20 Apr

I’m gradually catching up on my posts from my recent bout of cooking. I have two brownie recipes to add after this, and then I think I’m done. In my cooking revamp comeback post, my friend Lindsay shared her pulled pork recipe, which she uses to make pulled pork sandwiches with Sriracha mayo as well as pork tacos. Lindsay is not only an awesome cook, but she is the person who introduced me to Mark Bittman’s cookbooks and the Minimalist column, so she’s indirectly responsible for everything good that I cook these days. Long story short, I trust her recommendations, so I made this as soon as I could.

Lea & Perrin’s pulled pork

  • Meal: dinner, sometime last week
  • Kid tried?: Yes
  • Keeper?: Yes
  • Cook’s grade: A. FINALLY! A tasty and easy slow cooker recipe that doesn’t require browning the meat. I followed Lindsay’s suggestion of using pork tenderloin instead of pork shoulder and was glad to have less fat to cut off. The sauce was a little too tangy right after the pork finished cooking, but it evened out after I let it sit for a bit.
  • Kid’s grade: A (?). For the first time, the Bug ate a “big burrito” (with the pork and my corn salad, see below, wrapped tightly in a flour tortilla) and did a pretty good job holding on to it so it wouldn’t fall apart. Not sure if it was the novelty of it or the taste that kept her eating it, but who’s counting?

Browned corn, avocado, tomato, and queso fresco salad

  • Meal: dinner, sometime last week
  • Kid tried?: Yes
  • Keeper?: Yes
  • Cook’s grade: A. I made this up on the fly because I so enjoyed the browned corn side I had made earlier that week. We had an avocado that only had a few more days of life to it, a few tomatoes in the same condition, and the rest of the wheel of queso fresco in the fridge. I squeezed some lemon on it as a dressing/non-browning agent and called it done.
  • Kid’s grade: A (?). Hard to tell because she ate it in the burrito. Even though I put it on the plates as sides, my husband put it inside the burritos as he made them. (I was feeding the Lil Guy, so he pitched in.) It was tasty in the burrito, but even tastier outside of it.

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