“Read” fabric banner for my classroom library

30 Aug


Burlap and fabric banner that says "READ"

READ banner, based on Cricuts Sweet Treats banner project. I should have clipped the strings before I took this photo.

Ever since I read 180 Days by Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle (and saw Kittle’s envy-inspiring class library), I’ve been more than a little obsessed with my classroom library. I have spent FAR TOO MUCH of my own money buying books (I couldn’t have done it without you, Thriftbooks), my friends and loved ones helped me complete two Donors Choose projects that brought in about 12 new titles and 78 new copies (total) of books, and, of course, I geeked out on decorating it.

I got a Cricut Maker for Christmas, and, inspired by their Sweet Treats banner, I decided to make a READ banner for my class library. I loved the way it looked, but I didn’t stabilize the burlap before I made it, so my burlap is kind of falling apart. However, when my coworker asked me to make one for her, I used it as an opportunity to figure out a better process.

First of all, you MUST stabilize the burlap. Otherwise, the burlap won’t hold its shape, the holes for the twine will rip through the top edge, the edges will fray, and the whole thing will be less stable. Trust me on this. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Mix equal parts of Tacky Glue and water together.
  2. Put the burlap pieces over wax paper, and paint the glue mixture over the entire surface.
  3. Let it dry. I put it outside on a hot, dry day, and it only took about an hour. Some people recommend letting it sit overnight.
  4. When it’s try, apply Transfer Tape to the “wrong” side.

Then, follow the instructions in these really helpful videos. By the way, the letters use fabric pieces that are roughly 4×6″, so this is a great way to use up some scrap fabric.


I am so thrilled with how my coworker’s banner turned out, that I might buy some more black burlap and redo mine. My banner is on Cricut Community somewhere (I called it “Read Banner – Class Library”) if you want to try it yourself.

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