About the blog

Nicole at Portobello MarketHi, I’m Nicole. I’ve been blogging since 2000, with a few breaks in between, most consistently on seamripper.wordpress.com. A few years ago, I decided to gather all my blogs together here. So this is where you’ll find posts from my (I think) untitled first Blogger blog, the Jersey Girls’ Guide to Grub, Democrafts (which chronicled left-leaning crafty endeavors), 78rpm (my ill-fated music blog), My Tri, the Stories of Things, Cooking Everything Bittman, and various other blogs and Tumblogs that I was very passionate about for a very limited time. Here’s a recap of some of those detours.

Also, before you dive into that, please note that I joined Amazon’s affilliate program as of summer 2013. Here’s the official disclosure: Nicole Solis Snider is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, amazonsupply.com, or myhabit.com.

About Une Americaine a Paris

I took a travel writing class in fall 2006. I’m not really sure why; I don’t do very much traveling. Between my editors’ salary, my perpetual agonizing over my financial situation, and my tendency to overbook myself, I had trouble allowing myself to go.

The teacher, Jay Cooke, kept talking about the phenomenon of the Big Trip. He said that your goal should be to get so many assignments that you make money on the trip. That was the permission I needed to finally visit my friends Neumann and Liz in London. Then, while watching Anthony Bourdain’s travel show (the Paris episode), my roommate Kerry mentioned that it’s super easy to get from London to Paris. Done and done. Two places I’ve always wanted to go rolled up in one.

Of course, I didn’t bother getting any freelance assignments, but c’est la vie. I’m already planning a return trip.

About Cooking Everything Bittman

When my friend Lindsay and I worked together, we’d compare notes nearly every Monday about what we had cooked over the weekend. Lindsay’s go-to cookbook was Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, and very quickly, it became my favorite cookbook, too.

We came up with the brilliant idea of cooking every recipe in HTCE (and even got our photo taken with him at a book reading!). Unfortunately, our schedules did not line up with our ambitions. I’ve resorted to just posting photos, recipe names, and page numbers of the Bittman recipes I’ve been cooking. This was a standalone blog, then a Tumblr, and now it’s here.

About My Laid-Off Life

In the summer of 2010, I, like many Americans, was laid off from my job. Earlier that same day, I found out that my dad had pancreatic cancer. One could say that those two events encouraged me to do some thinking about life. For the 7.5 weeks I was unemployed, I tried to take the hint that someone or something was not so subtly giving me and figure out what I was doing with my life. And then I got a job again.

About Stories of Things

In 2011, I made one New Year’s Resolution: to try to buy fewer things made in China. I did it for many many small reasons that I generally find are not very productive to get into.

The really interesting side effect of this decision was that I started to think far more deeply about the objects in my life: where they came from, what role they filled in my life or home or whatever, the quality of their construction or craftsmanship, and whether I really needed them. I ended up selling a whole raft of things on Craigslist, and I became fascinated by how an object can be a touchstone between people, allowing you to see through one little window into a stranger’s life. I started gathering these stories on Tumblr, but moved them here in July 2011.



3 Responses to “About the blog”

  1. Judy February 5, 2008 at 10:03 am #


    I have done this very thing!! Planned a trip, intending to nab a freelance assignment, and then just taken the trip anyway. Great fun. Worth doing. You never know when the story will come out of you. So, get this: the trip I took to the Channel Islands between England and France last year and planned to write about for the Wall Street Journal (never happened) may now end up as an anecdote in someone else’s NYT Magazine article!!!

  2. kijkop November 13, 2008 at 1:48 am #

    From Google > LexisNexis press release > bNet.com > LinkedIn > Your blog. Lovely how you get surprised sometimes when you’re just strolling around on the internet. Very inspiring blog!

  3. Colleen Keenan Nelms February 20, 2009 at 11:13 am #


    A friend reads your blog and read the things I covet:Colleen Keenan Handbag. It’s always nice to hear that people enjoy them. Well I’m back after moving, having baby#2 and adjusting to life in the South. My new line will launch in the spring with some fresh designs and of course the favorites. Let me know if you want to be notified of the launch.
    I don’t normally read blogs only because I don’t know what to look for, but I’ve had fun reading yours!

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