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Mission Statement

13 Nov

My fellow crafters, ask not what your party can do for you, but what you can do for your party.

Much has been made in the media about the defeat of the Democrats in the 2004 election. Like many of my fellow freedom- and America-loving Democrats, I’ve been wondering what I can do to change the direction our country is heading in to something, well, a little more democratic (lower-case intended). I was initially inspired by this post on the Craftster blog. At first, I thought this should be a place to include links to Democrat- and donkey-themed crafts. Then I thought, if I really want to make a difference, it needs to help the party somehow. So, it’s going to start as a blog directing folks to cool Demo. crafts on the Web, but I’d like to eventually make this a fundraising site for the Democratic party and a place for political crafters to show and sell their wares. My idea is that a certain percentage would then be donated to the DNC, but I’m not sure how to set all that up. So for the time being, enjoy the crafts.


Little ditty

28 May

Here’s a little song I came up with while driving to work today:

John Kerry for president
John Kerry for president
John Kerry for president
I’m gonna vote for John Kerry for president

He’s reached across the aisle, he didn’t dodge the draft
And he’s got ideas to cut unemployment in half
He got his J.D. from my alma mater (Boston College)
And he’s got the skills to deal with Muktada al-Sadr


He was decorated for his service to his country
And he doesn’t surround himself with Halliburton flunkies
He won’t steal elections, he won’t tell us lies
I tell you, John Kerry is our guy!



21 May

Pure genius.

Eric Idle’s
to the Bush administration.