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Seared pork chops with apples and onions | Recipe report card

18 Jul
A virtually foolpoof way to cook juicy pork chops.

A virtually foolpoof way to cook juicy pork chops.

We returned home on Wednesday from a two-week trip back East during which we ate lots of food that fell pretty much everywhere on the delicious-not delicious and healthy-unhealthy spectrum. (Pro tip: Cracker Barrel is an awesome place to take kids to get a pretty healthy meal that they will actually eat.)

So when we got home, before I did my post-vacation triage grocery shopping, I asked Dave what he wanted to eat. “Pork chops and apples,” he said. So I found this recipe in How to Cook Everything Fast.

Seared pork chops with apples and onions, How to Cook Everything Fast p. 750 (similar recipe here)

  • Meal: dinner, 7/16
  • Kid tried?: Yes.
  • Keeper?: Yes.
  • Cook’s grade: A-. This was so easy to make and virtually foolproof. The recipe calls for browning the chops on both sides for 3 to 5 minutes each, then throwing the apples and onions in the skillet until they soften. You add cooking liquid (stock, water, wine, beer, whatever), put a lid on it, and let it braise for 5 to 10 minutes more. When I’ve tried that approach before, I somehow consistently managed to dry out the chops. But this time, I used extra thick grilling chops. They were so thick that even though I was completely distracted changing diapers, etc., during the braising and lost track of time, the chops turned out moist but with a nice golden sear. The apples turned out well, though Dave wasn’t a huge fan and admitted he prefers them the unhealthy way, when you basically serve pie filling. The apple onion mixture added a nice sweetness to the chops and pan juices.
  • Kid’s grade: B+. Bug seemed to like the pork chops, which may have reminded her of steak, her new favorite meat (supplanting even fried chicken tenders). And she ate a few apples with the onion. I served it with mustard spinach, which was too spicy for her. That’s a good side, though, for anything you make in a skillet, so I’ll have to find some alternate version.