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Three Days of Nothing to Do

4 Sep

I loved this Labor Day weekend. I had been feeling so unproductive for so long: no finished knitting projects, a list of to-do items for around the house that just kept getting longer and longer… So this weekend, I just started knocking stuff out.

First and foremost, I started on Alix’s birthday gift. Yet another knitting needle holder. This time I used a nubby dark blue and black fabric (which I bought for a handbag making class a few years ago) for the exterior and muslin for the interior. I also decided to try to make a pattern out of it, so I’ll either be posting it here (or Craftster) or trying to pitch it as a story to Jo-Ann’s craft magazine or something. At any rate, others will be able to benefit from my gradually perfected knitting needle holder design. But until then, I don’t have any photos (still need to get ribbon for the tie closure).

But today was the crazy productive day. I hung a curtain rod (and drilled a few too many holes in the wall–need to get a better stud finder), some photos in my room, and my vintage mirror (which used to be attached to a medicine cabinet of old, so it had pre-drilled holes). And then I recovered my bulletin board.


Ages ago, I found a beat-up wooden frame in a thrift store near work (there used to be three great thrift stores, a knitting store, AND a fabric store on my regular lunchtime walk). Martha Stewart recommends using Homasote for a bulletin board, but good luck finding a piece in a size smaller than 4’x8′. I covered some cardboard with cork tiles, then covered that with fabric. For this re-covering, I added some museum board to have a stiffer backing to it, covered it with an Amy Butler fabric, attached some ribbon, and hung it up. Ta-da.

Now my desk looks like something from Blueprint. I love it.


Maybe I can finish my tank top at the next stitch and bitch…